Superman lives on Blu-ray: CFQ Laserblast Podcast 2:21.2

superman the movie flying over water
Christopher Reeve in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE

Celebrating the arrival of the new SUPERMAN Blu-ray box set, this week’s Cinefantastique Laserblast Home Video Podcast takes a look back at the five Warner Brothers films: SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE; SUPERMAN II; SUPERMAN III; SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE; and SUPERMAN RETURNS. Guest Orenthal V. Hawkins joins CFQ stalwarts Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski for a wide-ranging discussion of what made the films good, bad, or indifferent – and just what can we expect from Zack Snyder’s upcoming SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL?
Also up for discussion: GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS on DVD and Blu-ray; CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: JOURNEY OF MAN on 3D Blu-ray; and the distinction between the DEEP RED BLu-ray disc and the “Uncensored English Language” DVD. Plus, the announcement that Tim Burton’s THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS will arrive in a 3D Blu-ray version this August. Listen in for all the details…


'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' – Trailer

Here’s the full-length Trailer for DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT. 
Dylan Dog is the world’s only paranormal investigator. He moved to New Olreans to escape a life of nightmares– however, nightmares will find him again. A missing artifact, a beautiful heiress and a brutal murder conspire to drag him back into the dark world of the undead… Have you ever wondered if the person next to you was really part of your world?
Starring Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington (both from SUPERMAN RETURNS), Anita Briem, Taye Diggs, Peter Stormare,  Kurt Angle, Randal Reeder, and Courtney Shay Young.

dylan dog_poster
Official Poster

Directed by Kevin Munroe (TMNT, 2007) , from a screenplay by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly (A SOUND OF THUNDER), based on the graphic novel series created by Tiziano Sclavi.
Due in theaters April 29th from Hyde Park Films and Platinum Studios.

The Search For Superman

Superman_Chris ReeveAccording to, director Zack Snyder (WATCHMEN) and producer Christopher Nolan have begun their search for an actor to play Superman in the Warner Brothers reboot of the character. 
The article claims that the studio may opt to go the route of choosing a relative unknown or an actor from television. They’re reportedly looking for someone between 28-32.
This of course is likely flexible; Sony/Columbia was looking for someone 18-24 to play Spider-Man, and ultimately chose to go with 27-year old Andrew Garfield.
As noted in the piece,  any established TV actor currently in a series might not be available to play the role, as the next Superman film is likely to begin production June 2011,  when most shows would also be shooting. One of the reasons for pushing it into production is that certain rights revert to the Siegel/Schuster estates in 2013.
The role has featured several relative unknowns, the first live-action Superman was serial and B-movie actor Kirk Alyn, Christopher Reeve had done mostly soaps and theatre, and Brandon Routh was not well known before SUPERMAN RETURNS.  SMALLVILLE’s Clark Kent,  Tom Welling, was essentially a model—though he’s yet to actually don the iconic red and blue outfit. George Reeves had been a moderately known actor, supporting in A features, starring in B-movies before accepting the role—which he considered a distinct downward step in his carreer.

'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' – International Trailer

Here’s the International Trailer for DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT.
Directed by Kevin Munroe (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), the comic book adaptation stars Brandon Routh (SUPERMAN RETURNS) as the titualar hero, and Sam Huntington  (also SUPERMAN RETURNS) as Dylans’s sidekick Marcus.
Also starring Anita Briem (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 3-D),  Taye Diggs (DAY BREAK), Peter Stormare and Kurt Angle.
DYLAN DOG: DEAD OF NIGHT was written by Thomas Dean DonDylan Dognelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (A SOUND OF THUNDER, 2005), based on the Italian horror comic book series Dylan Dog, created by Tiziano Sclavi.
No specific U.S.  premiere date has been announced.  However, IMDB indicates that Hyde Park Fims hopes to release it this year.