New Trailer for [Rec] 2

A still from [REC] 2
A still from REC 2
Following the news that the Spanish zombie sequel will be getting a US release later this year, IGN have unleashed a new trailer for the film. The trailer shows us a gruesome collection of moments from [REC] 2, which follows a SWAT team entering into the infected apartment building of the original.
Apparently the story picks up just after the end of the first film and seems to be using the same hand-held approach that made it so immediate. From the trailer, it also looks to be akin to an ALIEN – ALIENS sequel transition with more action, blood and thrills being the focus. The original [REC] was everything that DIARY OF THE DEAD should have been, with its hand-held camera style being used to full effect it created some truly unsettling moments. Based on this trailer, and the fact that it’s being made by the same Spanish team, [REC] 2 should be a worthy follow-up.
[REC] 2 is set for a US release sometime later this year.