Villain for 'Amazing Spider-Man' Confirmed?

Amazing Spider-Man #6
Amazing Spider-Man #6

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN actor C. Thomas Howell has apparently spilled the beans on the main villain for the Marvel Comics superhero movie.
 Appearing on The Retroradio podcast, Howell seems to have confirmed that The Lizard (Curt Connors) will be that character, the unamed role for which Rhys Ifans (HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS ) was cast.
C. Thomas Howell is quoted as saying:

“There is not a whole lot to talk about. Sony wants us to be hush-hush right now.
I play a relatively small role. I play a construction worker who’s son is caught in the middle of a battle between the Lizard and Spider-Man on the Manhattan bridge. Spider-Man helps me get my son back from this perilous situation. There is some payback there at the end of the movie. Spider-man is kind of hurting. I help him when all of the other people won’t.
Part of the story is, the nation thinks he might be a bad guy. They don’t know what to think. Because of my experience on the bridge with my kid, I know he is a good guy. I pitch in and help out at the end. That is the best way.”

'Green Hornet' TV Spots

Sony/Columbia Pictures has starting running three TV commercials for THE GREEN HORNET, and has posted them on their youTube site.
The action-comedy is due in theatres in standard, 3D, and IMAX 3D formats on January 14th, 2011. 
Directed by Michel Gondry, THE GREEN HORNET stars Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Edward James Olmos, and Tom Wilkinson.
Check out the other two Ad clips at the link above.

'Ghost Rider 2' Gets Leaner

GhostRIDERkaAccording to The Wrap, Sony Pictures has teamed up with Hyde Park Entertainment (PREMONITION), to cofinance and produce GHOST RIDER:  SPIRIT OF VENGANCE.

The 3-D sequel to 2007’s GHOST RIDER has also  had it’s budget reduced to a reported $75 Million, down from an original estimate of aproximately $135 Million.
Shooting in Europe, and using the efficent directing team of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (CRANK, GAMER) might figure into the new budget, which sounds more in line with the audience the film can be expected to attract; a very respectable showing,  but not a blockbuster.
Hyde Park will have the international distrubution rights, while Sony will keep the domestic rights.
Nicolas Cage returns as hero Johnny Blaze, joined by  Idris Elba, Ciaran Hinds and Placido Violante.
GHOST RIDER:  SPIRIT OF VENGANCE  is being produced by Mike deLuca, Avi Arad and Hyde Park Entertainment’s Ashok Armitraj.
Sony Pictures has not yet commented on the report, so treat this as unconfirmed as yet.

Spider-Man Villain to be Lizard?

According to The Wrap , the villain that Rhys Ifans will be playing in Sony/Columbia’s SPIDER-MAN reboot is Dr. Curt Connors — The Lizard.
Dylan Baker played Dr. Connors in SPIDER-MAN 2 and 3, as a sympathetic professor to Peter Parker, presumably before his experiments to regrow his missing arm.
In the original comics, Spider-Man discovers the Lizard in Florida when Peter Parker goes to investigate the case for The Daily Bugle. He uses Connors’ notes to affect an at least temporary cure for the condition, though he would sometime relapse back into his bipedal reptile form.

Rhys Ifans

Amazing Spider-Man #6
Amazing Spider-Man #6

Spider-Man Casting: Ryhs Ifans

rhys_ifansAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Welsh actor Rhys Ifans (HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS) will play the un-named villain, opposite Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), in the as-yet-untitled Spider-Man reboot.
 The annoumcement came from Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Matt Tolmach, president of Columbia Pictures.
 Tolmach is quoted as saying the following:

 “We have been very fortunate to attract some of the best actors working today to play the villains in the SPIDER-MAN movies, and it is exciting to see that trend continue with Rhys Ifans. After seeing his performance in our upcoming film ANONYMOUS, we’re in awe of his talent and think he’s the perfect choice to take on this role.”

The new movie, to be directed by Marc Webb from a script by James Vanderbilt and produced by Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin,  is set to begin production in December, with a July 3rd, 2012 release in mind.

Garfield Preps For Spider-Man Reboot

andrew-garfield_Spider-manThe Associated Press asked Andrew Garfield (NEVER LET ME GO) at the Toronto International Film Festival about his preparations to play the part of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Sony-Columbia reboot of the Marvel Comics film franchise, which is set to begin shooting this December.

“We’re just talking about where we want to go with it and what kind of body shape it should be. What the skill set should be… I know I’m going to be doing a lot of flexibility training and a lot of strength training, because I have to swing and stuff. I’m just guessing, but it’s all kind of early stages.”

However, in terms of character, he says he’s been preparing most of his life. “Since I was 4 years old”, says Garfield, now 27.

” He was just this skinny boy. He was a skinny boy who felt stronger on the inside than he looked on the outside, and I related to it immediately, and it stayed with me as I grew up.
Every single generation of the comic, the cartoons and the movies, it all means a great deal to me. It was always something that gave me hope as a skinny little kid whose sense of injustice about the world didn’t match his sense of strength about his body. I found it so inspiring and uplifting and reassuring. To be a part of that mythology and that legacy is a true honor.”

Read the full interview at YahooNews

New Spider-Man to Push Glasses-free 3D TVs?

spiderman-m1YahooNews reports that Sony Corporation’s television manufacturing division is working on 3-D TVs for the home that won’t need special glasses to view content in three dimensions. And they feel they have an advantage over competitors, such as Toshiba, as Sony owns it’s own movie studio.
One of their first major weapons in the battle for 3-D TV supremacy: Marc Webb’s 3-D Sony/Columbia SPIDER-MAN reboot, due to hit screens in 2012.  
Some glasses-free 3-D video screens are already in use as displays. They only work if the viewer is positioned properly (within a fairly narrow angle of view),  and the image quality is not on a par with existing High Definition 3-D televisions.

No Mary Jane for Spider-Man Reboot

maryjane_Romita_ASMAccording to The Hollywood Reporter,  Sony/Columbia’s SPIDER-MAN reboot will NOT feature Mary Jane Watson as Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) love interest.
It also claims that the film will focus more on the early comic’s high school setting than the first Sam Raimi-Tobey Maguire SPIDER-MAN film.
A number of actresses are auditioning for director Marc Webb to play the thus far nameless female lead, including Teresa Palmer (THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE), Emma Roberts (flown in from the SCREAM 4 set),  Imogen Poots (FRIGHT NIGHT remake), Ophelia Lovibond (NOWHERE BOY),  and Lilly Collins (PRIEST).  Mary Elizabeth Winstead (SCOTT PILGRIM Vs. THE WORLD) may also have been under consideration.

In the comics, Peter Parker’s love interests have included (more or less in order) Betty Brant, J.Jonah Jameson’s secretary (played by Elizabeth Banks in the previous series), Gwen Stacy (played by Bryce Dallas Howard ), Debra Whitman, and Felica Hardy (the Black Cat).
Interestingly, in the comics Aunt May tried without initial success to set Peter up with Mary Jane, the niece of one of her friends.