1st Pic of 'Smallville's' Isis

SMallV_LoisIsisFrom TV Guide we have our first look at SMALLVILLE’s Lois Lane (Erica Durance) as an incarnation of the ‘goddess’ Isis.
In the October 22nd episode, Lois dons an ancient amulet that transforms her into the  Egyptian goddess Isis.
Not quite like the 1970’s TV Saturday morning version of Isis as the superheroic alter ego of a schoolteacher (Joanna Cameron), this Isis has a darkside.
It’s more like Lois is possessed by the ancient being, who plans to use Clark Kent’s (Tom Welling) body as a vessel to resurrect her dead husband, Osiris.  
Meanwhile, her show of superhuman powers makes the vigilante-hating Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) suspect she is The Blur, the pre-Superman’s nom-de-voyage on the CW series. Isis_Cameron
Erica Durance’s costume is a lot more revealing than the one intended for the `70’s kid’s TV show by Filmation, created as a girl’s counterpoint to the live-action Captain Marvel on SHAZAM!.
The SMALLVILE version appears to based more on a recent comic book iteration of the character.