Splice: Cinefantastique Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Podcast 1:17

Genetic hybrid Dren sprouts in a moment of passion.
Genetic hybrid Dren sprouts wings in a moment of passion.

In Volume 1, Episode 17 of the Cinefantastique Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Podcast, Dan Persons Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski unravel the mysteries of genetic engineering and bad parenting as they analyze SPLICE, Vincenzo Natali’s thoughtful variation on the old “mad scientists create a monster” scenario. Also this week, the usual round-up of news, home video releases, and upcoming events.


Splice trailer

Here is the first theatrical trailer for SPLICE, the low-budget science fiction film that got picked up for release by Warner Brothers after generating interest at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polly play geneticists who create a new life form that winds up growing at an alarming (perhaps unstoppable rate). The film is scheduled to make its theatrical bow on June 4, in the middle of the summer blockbuster season. Can it hold its own against the likes of PRINCE OF PERSIA and TOY STORY 3?


Splice theatrical release

Splice (2010)
Sarah Polley as a genetic engineer with her creation

Warner Brothers releases this science fiction-horror film from director Vincenzo Natali (who impressed us greatly with his ’90s debut CUBE). The story follows a pair of scientists (Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) who splice genetic material from different animals, including humans, to create a strange new highly intelligent creature known as Dren, who grows at an alarming rate. Natali co-wrote the script with Antoinette Terry Bryant and Doug Taylor. Guillermo Del Toro served as executive producer. SPLICE gained attention during its appearance at this year’s Sundance Festival, attracting the interest of Joel Silver, who picked it up for his Dark Castle Entertainment label and brought it to WB. Release date: June 4.