Shark Knight 3D & Apollo 18: Special Labor Day Podcast 2:34

Fresh Meet: Sara Paxton is the deep blue plate special in SHARK KNIGHT... 'scuse us, SHARK NIGHT 3D.
Fresh Meet: Sara Paxton is the deep blue plate special in SHARK KNIGHT... 'scuse us, SHARK NIGHT 3D.

Yes, we’re deliberately misspelling SHARK KNIGHT. Why? Well, because it’s Labor Day weekend, and also because it amuses us to think of an insatiable predator of the deep leering in towards a nubile, young twenty-something, unleashing his awful, toothy grin, and saying, “Why sssso sssserioussss?”
As for SHARK NIGHT 3D itself, listen in as Cinefantastique Online’s Steve Biodrowski and Dan Persons discuss what merits and demerits they can locate in this latest entry in the body-count genre of horror film. Then Steve will give his take on APOLLO 18, the found footage thriller about a secret mission to the moon where two astronauts discover that They Are Not Alone.
Plus: What’s coming in theaters and home video.


Sara Paxton Is An Innkeeper

Actress Sara Paxton
Actress Sara Paxton

According to Shock ‘Til You Drop Sara Paxton (THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE) has signed on for Ti West’s (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) new horror film, THE INKEEPERS. She’ll be joining a cast which already includes Kelly McGillis, George Ridley and Pat Healy.

THE INKEEPERS will follow the last two employees of an apparently haunted hotel, who are preparing to shut it down after the place has been open for more than 100 years. As time ticks down to the final days of operation, mysterious guests check in including a former TV actress turned psychic and an elderly man insistent on staying in room 353. As several strange occurrences begin to add up, both Claire and Luke must make the crucial decision on what to believe and what not to believe.
Ti West’s previous film, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, was a slow burning throw-back to the horror films of the 70s so anything from the same director is definitely one to watch. Interestingly, THE INKEEPERS is based on West’s time at the Inn while he was shooting THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.
West begins shooting THE INKEEPERS this week in Connecticut.