MST3K's Frank Conniff: The CFQ Interview

Frank Conniff gets the Shepard Fairey treatment.
Frank Conniff gets the Shepard Fairey treatment.

As MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000’S TV’s Frank, comedian and writer Frank Conniff became possibly the most cuddly mad scientist in history. From his debut television appearance that started with the show’s second season — for which he scripted and also pre-screened the “cheesy movies” that would torture host Joel Hodgson and crew — Conniff went on to gigs both behind and in front of the cameras for such diverse genre shows as SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and INVADER ZIM.
I am, admittedly, an unabashed MSTie, and so when I got the greenlight to go ahead with CFQi, Frank was the first person I contacted and subsequently the first to be interviewed. The talk is wide-ranging, including an in-depth glimpse into to the work on MST3K and other shows, plus discussion of the aborted Joel Hodgson feature project STATICAL PLANETS and Frank’s creation of the satiric, audio musical, THE WONDERFUL PUNDITS OF OZ (which you can download here).
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Skyler_SamuelsAccording to Alloy Entertainment’s pilot for ABC Family, NINE LIVES, has found its female lead. (No, it’s not Morris the Cat.)
Skyler Samuels (THE GATES) will play the role of  Chloe King, a teenager with enhanced cat-like abilities of  hearing, night vision, speed, agility, the ability to grow claws at will, and presumably has … Nine Lives.
Based on a series of Young Adult novels, The Nine Lives of Chloe King by Ceilia Thomson (Tracy Lynn), 16 year-old San Franciscan Chloe uses up her first life by falling off a skyscraper in The Fallen, the first book in the series. She wakes from what she assumes was her death to discover her new powers, and soon also learns someone is stalking her with murderous intent.
 The pilot was written and will be executive produced by Dan Berendsen (SABRINA,  THE TEENAAGE WITCH), along with Alloy Entertainment’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo.
Sounds a little like the movie versions of DC’s Cat Woman, with beefed-up powers.