The Governator, Insidious & Rubber: CFQ Round Table Podcast 2:13

Rubber Insidious composite copy

The rubber hits the road in this episode of the Cinefantastique Round Table, the Podcast with a Sense of Wonder. Dan Persons, Lawrence French, and Steve Biodrowski offer commentary on the week’s news (Stan Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up to make THE GOVERNATOR; the uncut ending of HORROR OF DRACULA has been unearthed) and provide capsule reviews of two horror films that opened this weekend: INSIDIOUS, the supernatural thriller from the SAW team of James Wan and Leigh Whannell; and RUBBER, an indie horror-comedy about – believe it or not – a homicidal tire with SCANNERS-like telekinetic ability. Plus, the usual rundown of upcoming theatrical events and home video releases, followed by a Black Hole Ultra-Lounge discussion of the Greatest Cinematic Cheats in Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Films.

Quentin Dupieux on Rubber: Horror Film Podcast

A defiant tire stands down the law in RUBBER.
A defiant tire stands down the law in RUBBER.

Yes, RUBBER was released theatrically on April 1st. No, it’s not some kind of a joke — I’ve seen it, I know. It’s actually a film about a tire that gains consciousness in the middle of the desert, finds it has the power to destroy objects and animals (including the human kind) with its mind, and then goes on to wreak fear and destruction amongst the inhabitants of a small motel. That director Quentin Dupieux (a.k.a. electro musician Mr. Oizo) goes ahead and has characters regularly address the audience — both in the actual auditorium and on the screen (the latter are placed on a hilltop and conveniently provided binoculars to watch the action) — then gives Wings Hauser possibly his best role to date as one particularly cantankerous spectator, and did it all with a bare-bones crew (Dupieux wrote, directed, composed (with Gaspard Augé) and photographed using the Canon 5D, the same digital still camera used for TINY FURNITURE) on a short schedule (less than one year from conception to final cut), only adds to the rarefied nature of the entire project. But have no doubt: It exists, and it’s pretty damn cool.
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