Armie Hammer To Play Lone Ranger?

Armie Hammer Jr.
Armie Hammer Jr.

According to
Variety,  Armie Hammer Jr,  (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) is being considered to don the mask of The Lone Ranger in Walt Disney Pictures’ feature film adaptation of the radio, comics and television western icon.

Armie Hammer Jr.
Armie Hammer Jr.

According to
 Johnny Depp (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN) has been long-signed to play the masked man’s Native American friend and crime-fighting partner in the Jerry Bruckhiemer Production. PIRATES helmer Gore Verbinski (RANGO) is set to direct, from a screenplay by Justin Haythe (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD).
Johnny Depp will first have to complete his role in DARK SHADOWS, due to roll very soon with director Tim Burton. Yet Disney still hopes to ready THE LONE RANGER for release in 2012.
 This isn’t the first time Armie Hammer’s been up for a superhero role, he was set to play The Batman in Warner Brothers’ aborted JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

Beastly, Rango, Black Death: CFQ Round Table Podast 2:9

Beastly (2011)

It’s a busy week at the Cinefantastique Round Table Podcast – the Podcast with a Sense of Wonder, with Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski offering capsule comments on two new films in theatres – BEASTLY and RANGO – and also a capsule review of BLACK DEATH, currently available via Video on Demand before beginning limited engagements on Friday, March 11. BEASTLY is a TWILIGHT-esque modernization of the old “Beauty and the Beast” tale. RANGO is a computer-generated Western about a chameleon who makes a name for himself as a gunslinger. And BLACK DEATH is a historical horror story set during the plague, with notable similarities to the recent SEASON OF THE WITCH. All this, plus the usual insightful commentary regarding current events in the world of horror, fantasy and science fiction cinema, plus a round-up of approaching theatrical and home video releases.

Rango: March 4

Paramount Pictures unleashes this motion-capture comedy-fantasy, featuring the voice of Johnny Depp as the title character, a chameleon with an identity crisis. Gore Verbinski directed, working from a script by John Logan, derived from a story by Logan, Verbinski, and James Ward Byrkit. Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Stephen Root, Harry Dean Stanton, Timothy Olyphant, Ray Winstone, and Ian Abercrombie fill out the cast. We have not been particularly impressed by Verbinski’s live-action directorial efforts (except for the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film), so we will reserve judgement on whether or not he and his crew should have been turned loose on a computer-generated movie.

'Rango' Super Bowl Spot

Here’s the RANGO Super Bowl Spot.
RANGO stars the voice of Johnny Depp as the titular confused chamelon, along with the talents of
Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina, and Ray Winstone.
Directed by Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN),
Due out March 4th from
Nickelodeon Films and Paramount Pictures.