Antje Traue is Faora in 'Man of Steel'

Antje Traue in PANDORUM
Antje Traue in PANDORUM

Variety reports that German actress Antje Traue (PANDORUM) will play the Kryptonian villainess Faora in Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL,
Faora has had several incarnations, from male-hating killer to ruthless scientist and (on SMALLVILLE) the wife of General Zod, who will be played by BOARDWALK EMPIRE’s Michael Shannon.
The serial man-killing version of Faora was used as a basis of SUPERMAN & SUPERMAN II’s Ursa, played Sarah Douglas.
In the comics, the first Faora’s knowlege of a deadly form of Kryptonian martial arts based on pressure points and the nervous system made her a formidable fighter.

Laserblast, September 21: Tinkerbell, Gamera, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Undead

This week offers a slim selection of horror, fantasy and science fiction titles on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray. Walt Disney Home Video spins another direct-to-video feature from one of their classic franchises; in this case it is TINKER BELL AND THE GREAT FAIRY RESCUE, which is being released on DVD and in a two-disc DVD & Blu-ray disc combo pack.
Fans of the giant flying turtle Gamera can celebrate his exploits with two new double-disc DVD releases: GAMERA VS. GUIRON/GAMERA VS. JIGER and GAMERA VS. GYAOS/GAMERA VS VIRAS.
Synergy Entertainment offers another T-shirt & DVD bundle. THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN (starring Lon Chaney) comes with original poster art plastered on a t-shirt, which is available in large and extra-large sizes. is offering a pair of exclusives offers : multi-title packages of Blu-ray discs, organized according to theme. Amazon’s “The Thrills and Chills Bundle” includes THE CRAZIES, PANDORUM, and THE NEW DAUGHTER. Their “Slasher Horror Bundle” includes RED MIST, HATCHET, BEHIND THE MASK, and JACK BROOKS MONSTER SLAYER.
Finally, ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE UNDEAD makes its bow on VOD and DVD, with a Blu-ray release to follow shortly.

Pandroum opens September 25 – Watch the TV Spot

Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster star in this thriller about two astronauts whose awakening from hypersleep is complicated not only by amnesia (they cannot remember their identities or their mission) but also by the uncomfortable realization that they are not alone on their isolated spacecraft – and their other inhabitants are not human. What would a science fiction movie be without scary monsters on board a space ship? (Well, it might be MOON, but that’s another kind of science fiction altogether.) Christian Alvart directed and co-wrote the story, with Travis Milloy, who scripted. Paul W. S. Anderson (EVENT HORIZON) is on board as producer. Screen Gems releases on April 24.