MST3K's Frank Conniff: The CFQ Interview

Frank Conniff gets the Shepard Fairey treatment.
Frank Conniff gets the Shepard Fairey treatment.

As MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000’S TV’s Frank, comedian and writer Frank Conniff became possibly the most cuddly mad scientist in history. From his debut television appearance that started with the show’s second season — for which he scripted and also pre-screened the “cheesy movies” that would torture host Joel Hodgson and crew — Conniff went on to gigs both behind and in front of the cameras for such diverse genre shows as SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and INVADER ZIM.
I am, admittedly, an unabashed MSTie, and so when I got the greenlight to go ahead with CFQi, Frank was the first person I contacted and subsequently the first to be interviewed. The talk is wide-ranging, including an in-depth glimpse into to the work on MST3K and other shows, plus discussion of the aborted Joel Hodgson feature project STATICAL PLANETS and Frank’s creation of the satiric, audio musical, THE WONDERFUL PUNDITS OF OZ (which you can download here).
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The Lion King 3D & MST3K vs. Gamera: Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast 2:36

So Real, You Can Almost Smell the Lion Breath: A beloved moment from THE LION KING 3D.
So Real, You Can Almost Smell the Lion Breath: A beloved moment from THE LION KING 3D.

There were no new genre films in theaters this weekend, but there was one old one in a shiny new, 3D coat: THE LION KING 3D, which just so happened to top this week’s box-office. With a prescience befitting a Cinefantastique editor, Steve Biodrowski recognized the film for the hit it was going to be, and attended a screening. In this episode of the Spotlight, he gives his impression of the newly dimensional musical fantasy, after which Dan Persons joins in for a discussion of MST3K VS. GAMERA, the new home video box set that collects all of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000’s episodes devoted to Japan’s beloved, mammoth flying turtle.
Also in this episode: discussions of Harlan Ellison’s IN TIME lawsuit and of the impending Hannibal Lecter TV series.
Plus: Gamera is friend to all children!


The Return of Torgo? Sequel In The Works For Manos: The Hands of Fate

Return of Torgo?

Any fan of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 is well aware of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, that plucky little movie that was…incredibly bad. Well, after 44 years it seems that the beloved MANOS is getting a sequel, according to the MST3K website.

We first met this guy (his real name is Rupert) two years ago at ComicCon. Even back then, we were very impressed with how REALLY into character he was. Believe me, we can relate to somebody being really INTO a particular pop culture phenomenon.
Well, since then, it seems that he’s only gotten more into it. He returned to ComicCon last year. And, last month, he posted this really funny video.
He will again be roaming the aisles of ComicCon this year. And this week he announced that he will be joined by none other than… The Master! He posted this video to announce it. (Note the interesting spin they are putting on The Master character — he is a manipulator of hands, or “manos”).
You can see there’s some wit — and some film-making talent — there, so we were delighted to hear that Rupert et al are now in the planning stages of creating a sequel to “Manos: The Hands of Fate.”
Even more exciting is that he has been in touch with some of the surviving cast members — and family members of cast members — from the original film, and is charming them back in front of the camera. One who has agreed to be in it is Jackey Raye Neyman Jones (Debbie from original movie, RL daughter of The Master, Tom Neyman).

Should production continue, the film is set to be released in 2013. If the world doesn’t end in December of 2012, at least everyone will have something to look forward to!