Rango: March 4

Paramount Pictures unleashes this motion-capture comedy-fantasy, featuring the voice of Johnny Depp as the title character, a chameleon with an identity crisis. Gore Verbinski directed, working from a script by John Logan, derived from a story by Logan, Verbinski, and James Ward Byrkit. Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Stephen Root, Harry Dean Stanton, Timothy Olyphant, Ray Winstone, and Ian Abercrombie fill out the cast. We have not been particularly impressed by Verbinski’s live-action directorial efforts (except for the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film), so we will reserve judgement on whether or not he and his crew should have been turned loose on a computer-generated movie.

Avatar re-release: August 27

Here is the trailer promoting the re-release of AVATAR on Friday, August 27. The film will be showing exclusively in Digital 3-D and IMAX 3-D, with no 2-D screenings. Writer-director James Cameron has restored nine minutes of footage, all of it computer-generated, raising the running time to nearly 170 minutes (the maximum capacity for analog IMAX 3-D screenings). Additional footage includes a hunting scene, more action, more creatures, more battle scenes, and a love scene in the glade.
Obviously, the re-release is an effort to milk more money out of the blockbuster film, but the story behind the re-release is interesting: AVATAR made 80% of its profits from 3-D engagements, which represented less than have of its total venues, and the film was still pulling good numbers at IMAX theatres when it was pushed out by ALICE IN WONDERLAND, resulting in a precipitous drop. Distributor 20th Century Fox realized that there was still audience interest in seeing AVATAR in 3-D, so plans for a re-release were born.
For fans of 3-D, AVATAR’s reappearance will be a reminder of what the process looks like when done right. Since AVATAR’s release, ticket buyers have been ripped off by a succession of 2-D movies converted to 3-D in post-production, with results that run from disappointing to disastrous: CLASH OF THE TITANS, THE LAST AIRBENDER, PIRANHA 3D.
Avatar re-release August 27, 2010