Lost, The (2005) – Film Review

THE LOST – a low-budget independent film that has been figuratively lost in distribution limbo since its completion in 2005 – finally finds its way into the Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theatre in West Hollywood, California, for a one-week run starting today. Based on a book by Jack Ketchum, who is listed as one of the executive producers, this blood-stained, melodramatic thrill-killer thriller is a character study of a hot-headed loser who gets away with murder in the prologue, then goes about his life for the next two hours of screen time, before erupting into a homicidal rampage for the final act. That’s an awful lot of down time, but gore-hungry viewers may find their patience rewarded and their thirst slaked when the blood finally starts to flow. Fans looking for a decent thriller or a frightening fear flick had best look elsewhere. Continue reading “Lost, The (2005) – Film Review”