An American Carol (2008)
Wrong thinking is punishable. Extremely right thinking will be as quickly rewarded: Kelsey Grammer (right) tries to show Kevin P. Farley the error of his ways in AN AMERICAN CAROL.

Could there be a movie so inanely scripted, so ineptly produced, so all-around awful that it confounds even the staunch acolytes of the Temple of Bad? Uh, yes. Yes there is, and it’s the topic of our latest episode.

AN AMERICAN CAROL was intended to serve as a counterbalance to the perceived liberal tilt of mainstream cinema, to provide the arguments that would swing the 2008 presidential election to the Republican side, and to do it all with the crowd-pleasing satirical sting of AIRPLANE and the NAKED GUN franchise. That it fails on all points is a singular example of a golden opportunity thoroughly botched, and ToB stalwarts Andrea Lipinsky, Kevin Lauderdale, and Dan Persons take it upon themselves to explore how far director David Zucker and stars Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, and Kevin P. Farley (among a dazzling roster of guest cameos, all of whom will be leaving this project off their resumes) can stray from their intentions.

SPECIAL BONUS DRINKING GAME: Every time Dan says something is fascinating. Management is not responsible for any resultant cases of alcohol poisoning.

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