Laserblast: The Skull, Houdini, Possession of Joel Delaney

Up to now, Legend films is best known for the excellent colorized versions of Ray Harryhausen’s Columbia films. They have also worked with Harryhausen on colorizing SHE and THINGS TO COME. Recently, they licensed a package of films from Paramount including some horror and fantasy titles that they are bringing to DVD for the first time. Unlike their colorized catalogue, the Paramount releases are bare bones with static menus and no extras apart from theatrical trailers. Their initial Paramount releases include THE SKULL; George Pal’s production of HOUDINI; and THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY.
THE SKULL is an early Amicus effort based on Robert Bloch’s short story “The Skull of the Marquis de Sade”. Amicus always aimed to be another Hammer Studios, but most of their productions come off as pallid imitations. THE SKULL is a prime example. Continue reading “Laserblast: The Skull, Houdini, Possession of Joel Delaney”