Disney Cuts Loose 'Horizons'

Joseph-Kosinski_panelAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Pictures has decided not to move forward with director Joseph Kosinski’s (TRON:LEGACY) science fiction film HORIZIONS (also previously known as OBLIVION).
The studio made the decision after going through some pre-production for the project, but they apparently felt the sci-fi action film had a harder edge than they were comfortable making at the Mouse House, despite interest by actors such as Tom Cruise.
However, they want to retain a amicable relationship with Kosinski, and he’s free to shop it  around the others studios. “Unnamed sources” tell the site that Warner Brothers. 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Paramount have some interest, and Joseph Kosinski has apparently been making presentations this week.
The screenplay by William Monahan (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN) and Karl Gadjusek (DEAD LIKE ME) is about a solider posted to a “desolate planet,  who meets a mysterious traveler”.