Here’s What’s Going On 07/03/2013: Will There Be a Hellboy 3?

Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are game… A Hong Kong action star contracts RIGOR MORTIS… Brothers discover what’s UNDER THE BED…
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Del Toro on his future projects

The best news today is not that Peter Jackson will be directing THE HOBBIT. It’s that Guillermo Del Toro, having left THE HOBBIT, can now focus his attention on the myriad other projects he has in development. He discusses them at length in this interview with, given during the Saturn Awards. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that, at this point in time, we don’t know what his next directorial effort will be; Del Toro talks about several, but all of them seem to be further down the line – what he will do after his next one, whatever that turns out to be.
The rundown goes something like this:

  • AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS – the proposed adaptation of Lovecraft’s spectacular novella, a wonderful combo of horror and science-fiction – is probably not going to happen.
  • HELLBOY 3 is not going to be his next film, but it might be after the next one.
  • FRAKENSTEIN does not have a completed script yet, but there is a storyline. Del Toro is excited about the sculpture designs for the monster, who will be played by Doug Jones (Abe in HELLBOY).
  • Del Toro plans to announce a project at Comic Con that he will write, produce and possibly direct.
  • His next directorial project will be one of  that have more fully developed scripts, including one he started 15 years ago!