Luc Besson Planning Sci-Fi Film

fifth-element_audioAccording to Coming Soon, Luc Besson (THE FIFTH ELEMENT) plans to revisit the SF genre with a new film.  
In an interview with radio station Europe 1, he said he’s designing “creatures” for the project which he describes as  “THE FIFTH ELEMENT to the 10th power”.
He hopes to begin the shooting the film in 2012 and 2013, with a 2014 release in mind.
Certainly the semi- farcical FIFTH ELEMENT was cramed full of strange creatures and imaginative  designs, very much like a issue of Heavy Metal brought to life. Hopefully, the script for this unnamed feature will be given as much thought as its visual style.

Paramount Options 'Last Man Standing'

LMSGABRIEL_2According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures has obtained the screen rights to Heavy Metal’s coffe table book Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter.
Scott Aversano (THE LAST AIRBENDER), will be the producer along with Last Man Standing creator Daniel LuVisi. Peter Levin (OVERKILL: The Aileen Wuornos Story), Russell Binder and Stephan Lokotsch (THE HOOK ARMED MAN) are attached as  executive producers.
 From the LMS website, in lead character’s “Gabriel’s words:

“I used to work for a company called ARMTECH or A.W.O. (Armtech Weapons Organization). It’s basically a ‘big brother’ type of company that focuses on keeping our country, that being Amerika, safe. Or under their thumb some might say. They began as a company based on morals and ethics. Citizens of Amerika came first on their list of protection. They solved our problems and fought one hell of a fight if anyone threatened them. They were the side you wanted to be on, and once you vowed your loyalty you weren’t going anywhere. I worked for them because I was made by them. I was created to be the world’s first “superhero” or what ARMTECH calls, a PALADIN, a soldier with the talent of 500 soldiers.
Before you start getting excited, I can’t fly. I don’t have x-ray vision or claws and I wasn’t bitten by any insects. I can’t regenerate and as much as I’d love to be, I’m not a multi-billionaire with a fascination for winged mammals. What I can do is kick ass and take a whole lot of ass kicking. I was created to be a walking army, a bruiser. When our boys in the forces were too afraid to go into the most dangerous of war-zones, they’d call me in to patch things up.
There used to be a lot of us, but now I’m the last one surviving. I’m still human, at least I think I am.”

David Fincher reforges Heavy Metal with help from Cameron and Snyder

Mike Fleming at Dealine New York is reporting that David Fincher is reviving HEAVY METAL with the help of James Cameron (AVATAR) and Zack Snyder (WATCHMEN). Based on the famous adult comic book, which previously inspired two films (one in 1981 and a sequel in 2000), HEAVY METAL would be a 3d animated anthology, containing approximately nine segments, with different writers and directors contributing different episodes. Cameron, Snyder, and Fincher would each direct one episode.
Fincher had set the project up at Paramount two years ago, but the studio dropped out. The involvement of Cameron and Snyder could reignite studio interest and hopefully get Fincher a greenlight to proceed. Other directors who have been considered include Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), Rob Zombie (HALLOWEEN), andLike its predecessors, this new HEAVY METAL would be rated R, in the spirit of the sexy, violent storylines of the magazine.