Blair Witch director takes Possession

Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECTVariety reports that Eduardo Sanchez, co-director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, has inked a deal to direct a horror film titled THE POSSESSION. The film will be co-produced s part of a multi-pic deal between Amber Entertainment and Haxan Films (the later is the company that made BLAIR WITCH and Sanchez’s subsequent horror feature, SEVENTH MOON). Production is intended to start this October in Maryland. According to reporter Dave Mcnary, the script, by Sanchez and Jamie Nash:

…explores s the thin line between demonic possession and psychosis, starts off as a simple horror film about things that go bump in the night but slowly turns into a thriller about the evil power that exists inside one troubled young woman.

Amber Entertainment is also developing a science fiction film based on Rebecca Stead’s novel When You Reach Me.