Blade Runner on the big screen – The Final Cut

You can say what you like about Los Angeles, but we have Hollywood, which means we have the movies – and lots of movie-lovers to go with it; consequently, there are actually a handful of theatres, even in this era of home video, that continue to offer repertory and revival programming. This results in wonderful opportunities to re-experience movies on the big screen, where they were meant to be seen. A recent example of this is the “Final Cut” of BLADE RUNNER, which I recently saw at the New Beverly Cinema in L.A. Of course it was interesting to note how this (presumably last) version of the film stacked up against its predecessors, but I could have done that on DVD (or even, heaven forbid, on Netflix Instant Viewing). The real joy of the experience was once again seeing the sights of 2019 Los Angeles splayed out larger than life before my eyes, filling not only the screen but also my brain with an overwhelming rush of visual input that few films ever match. Continue reading “Blade Runner on the big screen – The Final Cut”

Harrison Ford Returns to Raiding

Google has posted an AFP interview with Harrison Ford, in which he discusses his return to the role of Indiana Jones and reminisces about playing Han Solo in the original STAR WARS trilogy. Ford refuses to divulge details regarding INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, except to say that there will “be references that my character has definitely aged since the lst movie” and that there is “going to be a definite connection to the previous pictures…and dialogue references.” Cate Blanchett is co-starring, and Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood in the original RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) will be back. Despite the passing of years, Ford insists that making another Indiana Jones movie is nowhere near as difficult as making the STAR WARS films:

“That movie was so strange to make. I was running around in tights for three months acting with a nearly seven-foot-tall man in some kind of dog suit on a freezing sound stage in London,” Ford gleefully recalled.
“Mark Hamill and I had a bet each day as to who had the worst dialogue,” he said.
“Whenever we would ask George what we were shooting at, or fleeing from, he’d just tell us the special effects will be put in much later and that will explain everything. George will never be known as an actors’ director!”

As far as returning to the role of Han Solo, Ford jokes, “Only if my character was dead, and just had to speak and not move.”

Blade Runner box set

Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford & Sean YoungI didn’t make it out to the San Diego Comic Con last week, but I heard it was great. Among many other things there was a panel for the long-awaited release of the Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition of BLADE RUNNER (which will be available on DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray). Harrison Ford and Daryll Hannah were no-shows (boo!), but director Ridley Scott and cast members Joe Turkel, Joanna Cassidy, Sean Young, and James Hong (“Seinfeld, party of four!”) were there. The enthusiastic response of the audience full of fans dwarfed that given to the other big panel put on by Warner Brothers, dedicated to the home video release of this year’s blockbuster, 300.
Word is that the “Final Cut” on this DVD will correct problems seen in previous versions (mismatched redubbing of lines, etc). One of the most glaring was the visible face of the stunt double for the death of Zhora when she plows through several panes of glass while being shot in the back. Scott apparently reshot the footage with actress Joanna Cassidy strapping on her old costume again. Continue reading “Blade Runner box set”