First Look at 'Green Lantern'

Entertainment Weekly’s cover this week features the first picture of Ryan Reynold’s mostly CGI costume for Warner Brother’s GREEN LANTERN.

The magazine, which should hit newstands tomorrow, will also figure some behind-the-scenes info and an interview with Reynolds. He told them avout some of the effects work, such as being proppelled through the air on a wire “at up to 60 feet a second” for flying scenes.
Rayan Reynolds said of that experience: “The first time you do it, you’re seriously considering an adult diaper.”
Personally, my first impression is that I don’t care for the CGI suit or skinny mask with the trite “raccoon” eye make-up. This tradition started with the Tim Burton BATMAN, and I’ve always felt it was a step in the wrong direction for superhero costumes, giving them a weird, androgynous vibe.
The Green Lantern uniform looks like a DaVinci drawing: peeled flesh — very costume-designer inspired, rather than the somewhat utilitarian look a police force would more likely favor.
Maybe the ‘ring-construct’ look will grown on me, as time goes by.

'Green Lantern 2' and 'The Flash' Deals

According to The Hollywood Reporter Warner Brothers has hired Greg Berlanti (NO ORDINARY FAMILY), Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim to write screen treatments for GREEN LANTERN 2 and THE FLASH.
The first GREEN LANTERN is still shooting under directer Martin Campbell in New Orleans, but the studio is apparently excited enough to being developing a sequel.
The trio had written a screenplay for the film currently in production, but Campbell brought in Michael Goldenberg (HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX) to alter the script to his liking.
The article states Berlanti & Co. will write storylines for both films and that they’ll be commissioned to write a full screenplay for one or the other, depending on reactions.
THE FLASH film is one that writer/DC Entertainment executive Geoff Johns is very interested in, and the storyline will reportedly be inspired by his comic book work, featuring the silver age Barry Allen version of the character.

'Green Lantern' Beams to Cartoon Network

greenlantern_Filmation2The Hollywood Reporter says that The Cartoon Network is planning an animated Green Lantern series.
The article states that during a slide presentation for investors by Phil Kent (Chairman and CEO of Time Warner’s Turner Networks), a slide of Cartoon Network original programs included the title ‘GREEN LANTERN: The Animated Series’.
Later today, Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer indicated that this was a sign of their plans to increase coordination between Warners and the Turner cable entities.
Time Warner also recently formed DC Entertainment, to better exploit and promote the value of the comic book characters in other media.
The animated show is apparently planned for a 2013 launch, two years after Warner Bros. live-action GREEN LANTERN feature, currently in production and due in theaters June 17th, 2011.