Green Lantern to Fly Again?

green_lantern_saveAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers may go ahead with a GREEN LANTERN sequel, despite being “somewhat disappointed” with the DC Comic superhero film’s box offices results thus far.
Unamed sources tell them that the studio still has faith in the character as a franchise, even given the relatively modest opening weekend, and his weeked’s sharp drop-off –66%–in ticket sales.  The domestic total for the $200 million production is a little over $89 million, so far. Foreign markets might improve the box-office take, and DVD sales could possbily push it into the black.
The site suggests that Warners might be willing to absorb the costs of the expensive sci-fi superhero CGI film and its massive publicity campaign as a means to introduce the character to the general public, and thus build an audience for further adventures. Certainly DC Entertainment and the studio would want to expand the brand beyond Superman and the Batman films.
A more compelling script next time around might make a big difference. There is a lot of potential there, I think. The scenes on Oa and with Jordan actually in action worked fairly well, at times truly seeming like a comic book brought to life. Where the film stumbled is with the Earth-bound scenes, much of which seemed forced, prefunctory, and all too derivitive of other films.