'Lone Ranger' & 'Dr. Who' Go West

Johhy Depp, Armie Hammer
Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer

Here’s the first picture released of Johnny Depp as kind of ‘ghost-warrior’ Tonto and a slightly city-fied Armie Hammer as the Masked Man in THE LONE RANGER.
Radio Ranger actor Brace Beemer often wore a black & white outfit in his public appearances as the character, so it’s not entirely without precedence.
Directed by Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN) THE LONE RANGER is due out in 2013 by Jerry Bruckheimer and Walt Disney Films.
Continuing in the western theme, DOCTOR WHO will go West in the third episode of the new season of the revived series, Written by Toby Whithouse (BEING HUMAN).
Actually, it’s south, as Spain is subbing for the American West in the BBC production.
Matt Smith as The Doctor
Matt Smith as The Doctor

Here’s a pic of Matt Smith donning a Stetson once again for the show, in which Ben Browder (FARSCAPE, STARGATE SG-1) will guest star. Saul Metzstein is directing.
Photo via Whovians.net

Armie Hammer To Play Lone Ranger?

Armie Hammer Jr.
Armie Hammer Jr.

According to
Variety,  Armie Hammer Jr,  (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) is being considered to don the mask of The Lone Ranger in Walt Disney Pictures’ feature film adaptation of the radio, comics and television western icon.

Armie Hammer Jr.
Armie Hammer Jr.

According to
 Johnny Depp (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN) has been long-signed to play the masked man’s Native American friend and crime-fighting partner in the Jerry Bruckhiemer Production. PIRATES helmer Gore Verbinski (RANGO) is set to direct, from a screenplay by Justin Haythe (REVOLUTIONARY ROAD).
Johnny Depp will first have to complete his role in DARK SHADOWS, due to roll very soon with director Tim Burton. Yet Disney still hopes to ready THE LONE RANGER for release in 2012.
 This isn’t the first time Armie Hammer’s been up for a superhero role, he was set to play The Batman in Warner Brothers’ aborted JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

Rango: March 4

Paramount Pictures unleashes this motion-capture comedy-fantasy, featuring the voice of Johnny Depp as the title character, a chameleon with an identity crisis. Gore Verbinski directed, working from a script by John Logan, derived from a story by Logan, Verbinski, and James Ward Byrkit. Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Stephen Root, Harry Dean Stanton, Timothy Olyphant, Ray Winstone, and Ian Abercrombie fill out the cast. We have not been particularly impressed by Verbinski’s live-action directorial efforts (except for the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film), so we will reserve judgement on whether or not he and his crew should have been turned loose on a computer-generated movie.

'Rango' Super Bowl Spot

Here’s the RANGO Super Bowl Spot.
RANGO stars the voice of Johnny Depp as the titular confused chamelon, along with the talents of
Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina, and Ray Winstone.
Directed by Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN),
Due out March 4th from
Nickelodeon Films and Paramount Pictures.

'Lone Ranger' Director Signs On

johnny_depp_piratesDeadline.com annouced that Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN) has signed on to direct Disney’s THE LONE RANGER.
This will re-unite him with PIRATES star Johnny Depp, who also provides the voice of the starring lizard in Verbinski’s animated film RANGO. Depp, of Native American heritage, is set to play the Ranger’s trusted friend & partner, Tonto.
No start date or title character casting news has been announced as yet. Depp’s next project to go before the lens is likely DARK SHADOWS, with Tim Burton (SLEEPY HOLLOW).

Lone Ranger Director Ready to Ride?

LoneRanger_artAccording to Deadline.com, Gore Verbinski (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END)  is considering signing up to direct Walt Disney Pictures THE LONE RANGER.
Verbinski worked well with Johnny Depp on the PIRATES films, and Depp (of part Native American background) is signed to play the Ranger’s faithful ally in the new version of the classic Western team of heroes.
THE LONE RANGER, created by Fran Striker for George W. Trendle’s WXYZ first aired  January 30, 1933, on the Detroit, Michigan radio station. It soon became a syndicated hit, then went to the Mutal Network. In later years it was carried on NBC’s “Blue Network”, which became ABC. The series ran until 1954.
The Ranger was played by George Seaton (later to direct MIRACLE ON 34th Street), Earle W. Graser, and Brace Beemer. Graser, who was killed in a car accident, was the only actor who could do the Lone Ranger’s cry of “Hi-yo, Silver!” to everyone’s satisfaction, and a recording of his redition was used for the finales of Beemer’s episodes, and later tracked into all the Lone Ranger live action televison series.
 Stage actor John Todd played Tonto in most of the radio shows, sometimes “doubling” as another character, often a British gentleman.
THE GREEN HORNET was originally a spin-off of THE LONE RANGER, with Britt Reid being the son of Dan Reid, nephew of the Ranger’s murdered elder brother.
Over the years, the Lone Ranger also appeared in novels, Big Little Books, comic books and newspaper strips.
LoneRanger_SerialIn 1938, Rebuplic Pictures produced THE LONG RANGER serial, in which “Chief Thundercloud”  (Victor Daniels, a Native American actor) played Tonto, while dimunitive but deep-voice actor Billy Bechtler dubbed the voice of the Lone Ranger. Onscreen, the Lone Rager was played by several different actors and stuntman Yakima Canutt,  as the identity of the Ranger was a mystery; he was posing as one of a group of Texas Rangers.  I won’t spoil that little riddle. The mystery angle worked because the Lone Ranger wore a mask that covered the entire face. 
In 1939, they released THE LONE RANGER RIDES AGAIN, in which Robert Livingston played The Lone Ranger, posing as a cowboy named Bill Andrews, Billy Betchler again dubbed the voice of the Ranger, while Duncan Renaldo (THE CISCO KID) played a Mexican ally of the heroes.
THE LONE RANGER was one of the first TV series to be shot entirely on film, begining in 1949, and starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. The show shot five seasons between `49 and `57. The 1952 season saw Moore replaced by John Hart, who had played radio hero Jack Armstrong in a Columbia movie serial. Clayton Moore would return for the fourth and fifth season, the final year shot in color.
Moore and Silverheels also starred in two color feature films, THE LONE RANGER (1956) and THE LONG RANGER AND THE CITY OF GOLD (1958).
Cartoon series Lone Rangers would include Michael Rye, who played Jack Armstrong on radio (and voiced Green Lantern on SUPERFRIENDS), and William Conrad (billed as Jay Darnoc).
THE LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER (1981) starred Klinton Spilsbury and the Ranger, with Michael Horse as Tonto. Christopher Llyod (STAR TREK III) played the villain Butch Cavendish. Spilsbury’s voice was dubbed by James Keach in this ambitous misfire.
Lone_Ranger_comicThe WB Network attempted a reboot of the Lone Ranger in 2003, garnering mostly derision from critics and fans of the character.
Hopefully, Disney’s version will be a respectful update of the hero, perhaps similar to the new comic books from Dynamite Entertainment. 
As announcer Fred Foy used to urge on radio and televison: “Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear — The Lone Ranger Rides Again!”