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Darabont Leaving 'Walking Dead'?

walking_dead_comicAccording to show runner Frank Darabont (THE MIST) is stepping down from the hit AMC zombie series THE WALKING DEAD.
It’s unclear whether Darabont, who was the force behind bringing  the Robert Kirkman-created graphic novel to television and directed the pilot, is leaving the show completely or just relinqhising the demanding  day-to-day control of a TV series.
It’s believed Kirkman, also an executive producer will be staying with the series, as will Gale Anne Hurd (TERMINATOR) , and the article speculates that co-executive producer Glen Mazzara (THE SHEILD) may step in as the new showrunner.
THE WALKING DEAD is currently in production of its second season, due to return to AMC October 16th.