'Prophets Of Science Fiction' Premieres

PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION debuts on SCIENCE this Wednesday, with Ridley Scott (ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER) serving as host and Executive Producer.
 Via Press Release:

“For years I have been fascinated with the connection between creative inspiration and scientific progress,” said Scott. “Often there is an attempt to separate the worlds of art and science, when in reality the two are inseparably linked. I am thrilled to work with SCIENCE on PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION, which will be the definitive exploration of science fiction’s ability to spark real-world genius.”
Each episode of PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION focuses on a visionary sci-fi figure whose spark of imagination changed our reality. The premiere episode explores the celebrated author, Mary Shelley. Widely credited with creating the science fiction genre, Shelley’s seminal work, Frankenstein, provided a springboard for the future study and development of organ transplantation, cardiac defibrillation, electric batteries, and many other modern advances.
Using iconic movie clips and cutting-edge animation, each episode of PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION features a bold future-forward on-air look that is consistent with Scott’s big-screen legacy. Scott and his group of cinematic and scientific experts, including famed director, Paul Verhoeven, and renowned theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, dissect the genius of Shelley and other science fiction titans; such as George Lucas, Isaac Asimov, Jules Verne, Phillip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke, H.G. Wells, and Robert Heinlein.
ProphetsSciFi_RScott“Sometimes it takes a true genius to clearly articulate the genius of others. This is what makes PROPHETS of SCIENCE FICTION such a singular project,” said Debbie Myers, General Manager and Executive Vice President of SCIENCE. “Having the brilliant Ridley Scott as the on-air guide for this journey enables the series to illuminate the one-of-a-kind inspiration that transforms science fiction to science fact.”

Premieres Wednesday, November 9th , at 10:00 PM (ET/PT) with MARY SHELLEY.

“Mary Shelley set out to create a monster–along the way she created a masterpiece.
In 1816, teenager Mary begins stitching together a patchwork of ancient legend, modern technology, and personal tragedy- giving life to her novel, Frankenstein – and the genre of science fiction.”

2001 Documentary – Trailer

FX Master Douglas Trumbull and author/researcher David Larson are  making a unique documentary about Stanely Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY , entitled 2001: BEYOND THE INFINITE — The Making of a Masterpiece.  
Using many previously unseen production designs and photographs, including hi-quality stills from Kubrick’s own archives of the film’s sets, Turmbull and Larson plan to film interviews with Trumbull, Keir Dullea, and Gary Lockwood (among others, and use greenscreen to integrate the subjects into the photos.  In this way,  the interviewees can interact with the scences and point out specific details to the viewer.
Douglas Trumbull, having been the instrumental in bringing the FX of 2001 to the screen in 1968, is in a remarkable position to reveal behind the scenes details.
Warner Brothers will be distributing.
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Secret Origin: DC Comics -Trailer

SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS, is a new documentary that’s been procuded about the historic comic book company, now celebrating it’s 75th Anniversary.
From the Press Release:

“Narrated by Ryan Reynolds, SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS will be distributed by Warner Home Video on November 9, 2010 on DVD for $24.98 (SRP). SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS will also be available On Demand and for Download.
Behind the amazing tales of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a host of other well-known characters is the equally impressive story of the challenges, creativity and triumphs of the company that brought those characters to life.
Produced by the Academy Award-nominated team behind SPELLBOUND (Feature Documentary), SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS combines excerpts from comics, films and television series with the insight of some of history’s most influential comic book creators and editors, among them Neal Adams, Karen Berger, Mike Carlin, Dan DiDio, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Dwayne McDuffie, Grant Morrison, Dennis O’Neil, Paul Pope, Louise Simonson, Mark Waid, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman.
SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS is written and directed by Mac Carter. Jeffrey Blitz (SPELLBOUND, THE OFFICE) served as executive producer. Producer is Gregory Noveck and co-producer is Ivan Cohen. SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS is produced by Sean Welch and Janet Eckholm.
“From the bans to the breakthroughs, from humble pulpsecret_origin_DC beginnings to the literary rise of the graphic novel, the story of DC Comics holds a mirror to an ever-evolving enterprise and the society reflected in its comic book pages,” said Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment. “It’s a true American story – SECRET ORIGIN: THE STORY OF DC COMICS is a riveting, exciting, surprising revelation of that fascinating history and the men and women who forged it.”

Michael Paul Stephenson on BEST WORST MOVIE – Horror Film Podcast

Trolls? Goblins? Troblins? Fans of TROLL 2 get their gear on in BEST WORST MOVIE.
Trolls? Goblins? Troblins? Fans of TROLL 2 get their gear on in BEST WORST MOVIE.

Have no doubt, I love bad movies. I still have fond memories of the first time I stumbled onto ROBOT MONSTER, back in the days when local broadcast television had afternoon movie shows, and one could serendipitously chance upon such inspired dreadfulness as a cheesy science fiction epic — with Hamlet-like ambitions — in which the titular monster was actually some guy in a gorilla suit wearing a toy diver’s helmet (check it out if you don’t believe me). Lemme tell ya, there’s nothing quite like sitting through ninety minutes of “What the frak is this?!” to put a spring in your step and reinvigorate your will to live.
Problem is that, these days, fortune has dictated I be late to this particular party, getting around to the legendarily awful long after their cults have formed. Which is by way of saying that I haven’t yet seen TROLL 2, the notoriously awful non-sequel (title notwithstanding), not-really-horror film that’s at the center of the documentary BEST WORST MOVIE. Not to worry, director Michael Paul Stephenson — who two decades ago was the child star of the movie — is less about celebrating the film than he is about exploring its impact on those involved, both before and after it had attained its midnight-movie status. To that end, he tracks down many of the project’s key players, including director Claudio Fragrasso — who expresses some well-justified discomfort with being embraced by this particular group of admirers — and co-star Dr. George Hardy, a dentist whose zeal for the spotlight first found him cast as Stephenson’s father, and then embracing his notoriety with perhaps a bit too much ardor.
The film is an intriguing examination of a certain, two-edged brand of fame and how the artists involved handle its effects. I got to explore the issue with Stephenson, amongst other topics — bottom line: He seems to have survived the trauma quite handily. Click on the player to hear the interview.