'Dr. Strange' Movie "Sooner"?

STRANGE TALES_110In a brief video interview at NY Comic Con this weekend, Marvel’s Kevin Feige said we may see a DOCTOR STRANGE movie “sooner rather than later”.
Not committing to any time frame, he said he would “love to see” a ‘Doc Strange’ movie “be part of phase two”—presumably meaning the films planned for post-AVENGERS filming ,such as IRON MAN 3, and other Disney-produced and distributed fims.
At the present, Paramount Pictures reamains  involved in the Marvel Studios’ productions, if only on the back end.  
A script by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer has been completed (based on the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko), though it’s unknown if this version is going foward.
No director or lead actor are attached as yet, although Patrick Dempsey (GREY’S ANATOMY) has expressed interest in playing the role.
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TV Star Wants to be 'Dr.Strange'?

Patrick-Dempsey_GreysAccording to Bleeding Cool.com, Patrick Dempsey (ENCHANTED), who stars as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepard on ABC’s GREYS ANATOMY, wants to play DOCTOR STRANGE in the recently announced Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures production.
Seems early days yet, but the site includes a piece of artwork by comic artist Arne Starr depicting what the actor might look like as the character, which they say got Dempsey some attention at Disney.DEMPSEY_drstrange_W
See the full picture at the link above.
Patrick Dempsey seems to look the part, at least — and it would be nice to have an actor with real enthusiasm for the lesser known Marvel Comics character in the role.

'Dr. Strange' 1st Marvel/Disney Film?

STRANGE TALES_110Deadline reports that DOCTOR STRANGE will likely be the first Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures comic book film to hit the screen.
The article states that Marvel has hired Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Lionsgate’s new CONAN movie) to write the screenplay. The other superhero films Marvel Studios has in development and pre-production will continue to be distributed under the pre-existing deal with Paramount Picture.
Created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Strange Tales #110, Dr. Steven Strange was a cynical, egotistical, money-minded surgeon, who lost the fine motor control of his talented hands in a car accident.
Sunk in self-pity and depression, Strange eventually wandered his way into the Himalayas, and became the student of the Ancient One. There his emotional scars were healed, and he began a journey of self-elightenment and the path towards becoming a Master of The Mystic Arts.
Meeting opponents such as fellow disciple Baron Mordu, Morgan Le Fay, and the dread other-dimensional enity Dormammu, Steven Strange eventually became the Sorcerer Supreme. From his Greenwich Village Sanctum Santorum, with the aid of his servant Wong, and student Clea, he battled to protect the earth from supernatural menaces.
Dr. Strange made it to TV in a 1978 Universal movie, intended to launch a CBS TV series, but poor ratings and scheduling derailed that plan. Peter Hooten stared as Steven Strange, with high profile guest stars Jessica Walters and Sir John Mills. Oddly enough, the fillmmakers put him in a costume more superhero-ish than the looser-fitting garb he wears in the comics.
Filmmakers have been trying to launch a Dr. Strange movie since the mid-1980’s, with Bob Gale (BACK TO THE FUTURE), Wes Craven (FRIDAY THE 13th), and David S. Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS) all taking a crack at it.
Doctor Strange’s often surreal and otherworldly adventures would benefit from today’s special effects, and might lend itself well to the current 3-D craze.