Fan Film 'Batman City of Scars'

Here’s an interesting fan film by
Aaron & Sean Schoenke’s Bat In The Sun productions.
In CITY OF SCARS, The Joker escapes from Arkham and murders the parents of a young boy, causing the Batman to recall losing his own parents as a child, and reflect on his moral choices as Gotham’s Dark Knight.

For a $27,000 production, the apxroximately 30 minute film is rather impressive. Kevin Porter fills the cape and cowl beliveably enough, Paul Molnar plays an acceptably perverse Joker.
In case the video is choppy, here’s the direct link: The Daily Motion
A commercial will play first.

New 'Jonah Hex' Clip

The DC Weird Western anti-hero JONAH HEX opens Friday, June 18th. Here’s a new clip from Warner Brothers (via Superherohype).
It’s a big gunfight, with a high-tech surprise (possible SPOILER), for those not familiar with the changes to the character for the film adaptation.
JONAH HEX (2010)
Starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox, John Malkovich, and Will Arnett.
Screenplay by Mark Neveldine (CRANK) & Brian Taylor (GAMER)
Directed by Jimmy Hayward (HORTON HEARS A WHO!)

'Green Lantern' Beams to Cartoon Network

greenlantern_Filmation2The Hollywood Reporter says that The Cartoon Network is planning an animated Green Lantern series.
The article states that during a slide presentation for investors by Phil Kent (Chairman and CEO of Time Warner’s Turner Networks), a slide of Cartoon Network original programs included the title ‘GREEN LANTERN: The Animated Series’.
Later today, Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer indicated that this was a sign of their plans to increase coordination between Warners and the Turner cable entities.
Time Warner also recently formed DC Entertainment, to better exploit and promote the value of the comic book characters in other media.
The animated show is apparently planned for a 2013 launch, two years after Warner Bros. live-action GREEN LANTERN feature, currently in production and due in theaters June 17th, 2011.