'Ghost Rider 2' Cage & 'Crank' Directors?

GhostRIDERka The Hollywood Reporter says that Nicolas Cage is in “early negotiations” to return as Johnny Blaze in GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGENCE.
CRANK writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are said to be in talks with Columbia to direct the film, which has a script written by David S. Goyer (BATMAN BEGINS). The duo also wrote JONAH HEX (2010), which bows this Friday.
Cage’s first outing as the supernatural Marvel Comics hero had a mixed critical and fan response, but grossed nearly $230 Million worldwide.
Negotiations are still in the early stages, but the article says that Sony/Columbia hopes to begin production by late fall, in order to keep the film rights and fit Nicolas Cage’s availability.
It’s unknown at this point whether any of the other characters introduced in GHOST RIDER (2007) will be included in the sequel.
Avi Arad, Ari Arad, Michael De Luca and Steven Paul are producing.
David Goyer and GHOST RIDER director Mark Steven Johnson are invovlved as executive producers.
I thought the first film was decent enough, though it had a kind of TV movie feel at times, outside of the big FX set-pieces.

Goyer taps the vampire vein again

David Goyer, who scripted the three BLADE feature films and directed the third, has signed on to  helm yet another vampire film, an adaptation of Baltimore, or the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire. The graphic novel, Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Christopher Golden (The Myth Hunters), tells the tale of Lord Henry Baltimore, bitten on the battlefield by a vampire bat during WWI. To fight the vampire curse, Baltimore assembles a team to confront the Red King, who is evil incarnate. Mignola and Golden will write the screenplay.
Goyer’s other credits include directing THE INVISIBLE and co-scripting both DARK CITY and BATMAN BEGINS. The film will be produced at New Regency, which is also developing another vampire-themed graphic novel to the screen, Virulents, which will be directed by John Moore from a script by John Cox.