CFQ Round Table Podcast 2:18.3

Cinefantastique’s Round Table Podcast – the podcast of horror, fantasy, and science fiction films – adjusts its schedule to make room for CFQ’s Spotlight Theatrical Podcast (Sunday/Monday) and the Laserblast Home Video Podcast (Tuesday). From now on, expect the Round Table to appear later in the week; also expect the Black Hole Ultra-Lounge to be re-incorporated into the Round Table, which will now feature both a look at the week’s news and a free-from meditations on whatever fascinating topics occur to Lawrence French, Dan Persons, and Steve Biodrowski.
This week looks at word that rights have been secured for two TERMINATOR sequels; DARK TOWER stays at Universal Pictures; Miramax plans to revive the AMITYVILLE HORROR franchise; Lionsgate plans to give us LEATHERFACE 3D. And we bid farewell to Dana Wynter, the lovely female lead of the 1956 classic, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.
And what’s up with those final words each week? Anyone catch all the references so far?