Charles Griffith, Roger Corman's favorite screenwriter, dies

Roger Corman and Charles GriffithCharles Griffith, the prolific writer of dozens of scripts for low-budget movies, including the original version of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, has died at the age of 77, from unknown causes.
Griffith is most well known for his long association with producer-director Roger Corman, who churned out numerous black-and-white sci-fi flicks back in the 1950s. Their credits together include IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS, and NOT OF THIS EARTH. One of their best efforts was THE UNDEAD (1957), a Bridie Murphy-inspired tale of past-life regression to the witch-burning era, but they really hit their stride when Griffith planted his tongue firmly in his cheek. Read More