'Star Trek V' Shatner Mash-up

Found this little gem surfing over to TrekMovie.com. SHATNER OF THE MOUNT by Fall On Your Sword.

Apparently edited from one of the special features of the STAR TREK V:THE FINAL FRONTIER (1989) DVD.
And isn’t it about time Paramount let William Shatner do a Director’s Edition of that film?
By the Shatman’s own admission, STAR TREK V could realy use some improving, some of which there simply wasn’t enough time and money for when it was first released.
The whole ending had to be changed due to FX that just didn’t work. And the writers strike kinda kept them from doing more script tinkering.
It’s never going to be a silk purse, but even a sow’s ear can be fashioned into something useful.
By the way, William Shatner’s going to be directing his first documentary, which will be about — wait for it –William Shatner.
Nothing like getting an expert!