Here’s What’s Going On 06/27/2013: Who Will Star in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2?

Don’t wait for Will Smith?… STAR TREK ship gets a new lease on life… JUG FACE finds a pit of horror…
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Bill Pullman Joins 'Torchwood'

IND031AYAccording to Deadline, Bill Pullman (INDEPENDENCE DAY) has been cast as a regular for BBC/STARZ ten-episode mini series, TORCHWOOD: THE NEW WORLD.
The role? Oswald Jones, a murder and pedophile released on a technicality and enlisted to help in the worldwide crisis that threatens Earth. This extreme-seeming character supposedly regrets his past actions, but is also “dangerous and clever”, filled with “lust and rage”. Press materials suggest he is  “fated to become the centre of terrifying events”.
An odd move by series creator Russell T Davies.  Hopefully, he and Bill Pullman can make the character work in a way that won’t alienate the audience.

Lost Highway (1997) – Film Review

click to purchase LOST HIGHWAYThis 1997 effort from David Lynch (co-written with Barry Gifford) is one of the director’s better efforts, but it failed to earn the same rapturous critical reception as BLUE VELVET. Reviewers seemed to see only a rehash of familiar Lynchian motifs, and ignored how expertly orchestrated and synthesized the themes had become in this film. Admittedly, LOST HIGHWAY may lack the shock value of BLUE VELVET (by this time, viewers were trained to expect weirdness from Lynch), but the film is every bit as fine a piece of work, and its demented darkness actually coallesces into a strange kind of giddy joy – not unlike the rush of adrenaline one feels after a brush with danger.
By the time he made this film, Lynch had become so well known as America’s premier Dark Dreamer that the mantle Continue reading “Lost Highway (1997) – Film Review”