'Sanctuary: Uprising' — Clip

As Abnormals continue to “invade” the surface, Will(Robin Dunne), Kate (Agam Darshi), Henry (Ryan Robbins) and the Big Guy (Christopher Heyerdahl) seek to prevent all-out war with the Lotus Security Forces. While this is brewing they worry about Helen Magnus, who was last seen heading towards the unworld city of Praxis — just before it was destroyed.
This episode was directed by Amanda Tapping, whose Dr. Magnus was last seen trapped back in time  in Victorian-era London. 
Video via SanctuarynetRU

'Sanctuary' Returns—Sneak Peek

In the season four opener, Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) has pursued Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back to 1898 London to stop him from altering—and quite possibly completely destroying—the future.
As she battles to stop Worth, stay hidden from her past-self, and avoid taking any action that might change the events of history, Magnus must also figure out how to get back to her own present day timeline.
(Via Canada’s SPACE channel)

Magnus back in Victorian London

In the clip, Magnus must battle her former lover (& father of her child) John Druitt ( Christopher Heyerdahl), currently active under his energy parasite-induced persona,  Jack the Ripper.
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