Trailer Online for Resident Evil: Afterlife

Hot on the heels of the stills released last week Sony released a full trailer for the latest in it’s series of video game adaptations, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, yesterday. The trailer, first screened at WonderCon, starts out with the usual post-apocalyptic establishing shots but soon kicks out the standard Jovovich action scenes fans have come to expect.
More than this though, the trailer seems to go to great lengths to advertise the fact that this latest instalment was shot with Cameron’s patented 3D cameras. Over. And over. Again. Nothing in the trailer convinces me that AFTERLIFE will be any better than the previous films and it even looks like it can add THE MATRIX to the list of films it’s stolen from.
RESIDENT EVIL:AFTERLIFE is set for release on the 10th of September later his year. What do you think, does this trailer impress you or could you care less?