Count Yorga – Vampire! Horror Film Review

COUNT YORGA – VAMPIRE (originally conceived as a soft-core porn film entitled THE LOVES OF COUNT IORGA) is a nifty little low-budget exploitation effort that uses its resources to good effect. The shocks are crude but effective. Although relatively tame by later standards, the gore has a nasty edge to it, underlining the film’s cynical sensibility and downbeat ending.
After a brief prologue showing a coffin being transferred from ship to shore and arriving in Los Angeles (with a voice-over narration informing us about the nature of vampires), the story begins with a seance presided over by recent immigrant Count Yorga (Quarry), who is trying to contact the dead mother of one of the participants. Afterwards, Yorga gets a ride home from one couple, who get stuck in the mud after leaving him off. Yorga knocks out the man and attacks the girl, who later begins to show vampire proclivities (which include eating her pet cat). Continue reading “Count Yorga – Vampire! Horror Film Review”