"Suspiria" Remake

SUSPIRIA (1977) 

Director David Gordon Green (SNOW ANGELS) tells MTV that he will remake SUSPIRIA, Dario Argento’s 1977 cult film horror hit:

“…it doesn’t make a lick of sense,” David Gordon Green laughed with MTV News, revealing that he’s already written and hopes to direct a new version of the 1977 film. “But it’s wicked. I love it, plot holes and everything.
“‘Suspiria’ is a classic for me,” he continued. “I want to be scared. I want to be afraid.”
“It’s an opportunity to take all artistic excellence and be inspired by what was a low budget Italian 70’s gore movie,” he said. “Where the art world meets the violent and supernatural.
“I would love to get every geek that loves torture porn and every old lady in line to see ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to come and have this insane experience.” 

Responding to the news, Empire Online unaccountably reacts with enthusiasm:

Green has a sensibility that could make for a different twist on this film. He’s not a horror man; he’s more interested in character. Remakes with interesting directors who might actually make a very different film, those we can get excited about. More of these please.

Personally, I find little potential in the remake, except for disaster. I’m not saying this out of a conviction that all remakes are bad. There are many good ones. Usually, these involve a famous piece of source material and/or a great character. You can always remake DRACULA or FRANKENSTEIN, because no film ever fully captures the book and because you always want to know “What will the Monster look like?” or “Who will play Dracula?” Obviously, this does not apply with Green’s proposed remake.

The problem with SUSPIRIA is that there is nothing to remake. There is barely a story and little in the way of characterization; in short, the elements that would be re-used aren’t worth using. SUSPIRIA sustains itself on the bravura visual stylistics: over-saturated colors, impossible lighting schemes, elaborate camera movements. Is Green going to copy these? If so, why bother? Just watch the original.

On the other hand, if Green drops the strongest element of the film and tries to craft a more believable, low-key thriller – well, he’s missed the whole point, hasn’t he? He would be better off trying to create a new film, that pays tribute to Argento, rather than doing an outright remake. You know, the nice thing about STAR WARS is that, although it is obviously inspired by FLASH GORDON and Kurosawa’s THE HIDDEN FORTRESS, it is not a remake of either; instead, it is something new that honors its forebears.

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