Surrogates Opens September 25

Surrogates (2009)Walt Disney offers up this big-budget science fiction action adventure, in which people vicariously live out their fantasies by having their conscioussness inhabit artificial bodies. Sounds like an interesting premise for exploring how technology can changes our lives, but you just know Hollywood needs some kind of generic plot device to drive the story – and sure enough, the whole thing hinges on a murder investigation. 
Director Jonathan Mostow re-unites with the TERMINATOR 3 writing team of Michael Ferris & Jonathan D. Brancato, whose hit-and-miss career also includes TERMINATOR SALVATION, CATWOMAN, PRIMEVAL, and THE NET. Bruce Willis headlines the cast, but you will be hard pressed to hear him mentioned in the televsion advertising (is he no longer a star, or did his contract forbid Disney from using his name?). Rounding out the cast are Radha Mitchell (ROGUE), Rosamund Pike, James Cromwell (BABE), and Ving Rhames.

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