Superman to Shoot in Vancouver?

superman-alexRossAccording to Canada’s The Globe And Mail, Superman may be flying off to Vancouver  for his film reboot. 
According to  Peter Leitch, President of North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios, Zack Snyder’s next project is going to be filmed at the studio in British Columbia.
Snyder filmed WATCHMEN at the facility, where they built impressive New York streets for the comic book movie.  
While Peter Leitch would not say that the Superman film is Zack Synder’s project, apparently other sources confirmed to the newspaper that the Warner Brothers film was heading there next year. 
Promoting the local industry, Leitch said:

“I think it’s a great signal that we’re doing very well here and that we’ve got the quality technicians. … We’ve got a reputation now that we turn out quality product here and I think that’s made the difference.”

Might also be a way of keeping the project within a reasonable budget, something to bear in mind for a potentially FX-heavy movie.
No comment from director Synder or Warner Brothers Pictures as yet.

Could Mammoth's NY Backlot sub for Metropolis?
Could Mammoth's NY Backlot sub for Metropolis?

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