Super 8: CFQ Round Table Podcast 2:21.3

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SUPER 8 – the highly anticipated science fiction thriller from writer-director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg – explodes onto screens this week. Naturally, the Cinefantastique Round Table Podcast – the podcast of horror, fantasy, and science fiction films – is here to tell you whether or not to get your hopes up; CFQ regulard Dan Persons, Lawrence French and Steve Biodrowski wiegh in, and Dan, who got a sneak peak months ago, opines that, yes, you should be excited.
Also on this week’s agenda: a look at some recent headlines, including news that Tom Cruise is signing on to appear in the big-budget futuristic would-be blockbuster OBLIVION and that directorial stylist Alex Proyas (THE CROW, DARK CITY) is developing a new science fiction film.


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  1. Hey guys, It’s your friendly neighborhood concept artist JP.
    As always gentlemen fantastic podcasts you guys our kicking ass and taking names, great job. You keep me entertained while I work and keep me well informed about my fav generes and films.
    A couple of things I want to comment on.
    First off what a fantastic guest Orenthal V. Hawkins was, please bring him back when possible.
    I really enjoyed hearing Orenthals views on african american’s roles in sci-fi and fantasy movies. I myself being a minority it’s become something I expect in films it’s sort of like the Trek guy with the red uniform thingy you know he’s gonna die but it’s interesting to see how and when. LL cool J’S stand on Deep Blue Sea was movie history.
    The 2nd topic I wanted to talk about was “Super 8”.
    Gentlemen I will agree with all your points. I must say I was dissapointed after seeing this film. I expected something much more. I mean this could have been a sort of prequel to Cloverfield in some way or something that could hold it’s own. I mean come on JJ! go either all horror or pluff, meaning make it scarier or build the ET connection between the kids and the monster.
    Towards the end you really don’t care about this creature. You don’t really care about the story and dare I say the kids sometimes get a little annoying ..where’s the pay off? It would have been far more interesting if the kids got really close emotionally with this creature and try to help it escape and perhaps they fail and the creature is finally killed “King Kong style”. At least that would have invoked some emotion from the audience. So throw the whole spielberg stuff out the window. This was not a successful throwback to those old Spielberg movies, ET made me cry like a little girl, Close Encounters gave me something magical and made me look to the Stars, Jaws nearly made me never go into the water!
    What did “Super 8” do? it made me wish I was a kid again and not so old and spoiled by all the sci-fi and fantasy films I’ve seen, so I could actually enjoy the movie. It was a missed opportunity to make something special for children of the 80’s like us who grew up.
    Here’s another plot idea for Super 8 and I would be happy to hear any of your takes. I mean this is sci-fi and fantasy 101 boys and girls it’s not that hard.
    Lets say “Super 8” could have set up the Cloverfield scenario where another creature was previously sent to warn us. The “Super 8 creature” lets call him “Muffy”. Muffy traveled billions of light years to brings us a gift. A gift it had brought from it’s home world to safe guard our planet from future alien invasions “hint cloverfield alien”. Maybe those little cube like objects which seem to be some advanced micro tech that could be used by our Scientist to rebuild or protect humanity from some Cataclysmic event. There are so many interesting plot avenues that they could have explored.
    final thoughts:
    We have no clue as to why either Super 8’s critter or Cloverfield’s critter crash landed on earth? I mean whats the issue? do these space faring aliens flunk their space ship driving lessons? wtf? it’s a big blue F@#@~n ball! fly around it! why all the hostility? Hell at least in Battle LA those baddies were after our water.
    Steve you and I should write this stuff cause hollywood has no clue 🙂
    Dan, Larry, and Steve
    —Adios JP

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