'Stargate Universe: Incursion' – Clip


STARGATE UNIVERSE’s two-part Season Finale begins this Friday, June 4th.
I’ll give the production info & comments first, to avoid putting the episode description SPOILERS on the front page.

Incursion: Part One
Guest Stars: Rhona Mitra, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping.
Written by Joseph Mallozzi
Directed by Andy Mikita
In the trailer (above, left), Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) is attempting to force the treasonous, possibly brain-washed Col. Telford ( Lou Diamond Phillips), who is in Dr. Rush’s (Robert Carlyle) body to confess the details of the Lucian Alliance’s plot.
In case you were wondering, characters can switch bodies with host across the universe via transfer stones that also come from The Ancients.
Meanwhile, the captured Dr. Rush, in Telford’s body, is being compelled to give the Alliance the Stargate dialing codes (with the mysterious and vital “ninth chevron”) in order to travel to the advanced ship.
Confused? If you haven’t been watching the show, you might well be, as it’s not all that friendly to the casual viewer—or even fans.
Just in the last few episodes has the audience been given clearer reasons to care about the often difficult to like characters trapped on the ship.
The Spoiler? The Lucian Alliance does indeed board the Ancients’ starship Destiny, and takes several crewmembers hostage in an attempt to sieze control of the advanced universe-tranversing vessel, and the secrets that it holds..
Airs this Friday on SyFy.

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