Star Lawsuit To Prevent 'Giallo' Release?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawsuit brought by star Adrien Brody may prevent Dario Argento’s horror-thriller GIALLO from being released on DVD.
The reason: the actor alleges he was never paid the $640,000 he was due for his work on the film. He claims he signed an agreement with the producers to stay on the film after he discovered they had failed to pay his salary into an escrow account. This allegedly gave him full control over the use of his likeness in the film — which would prevent its release without his consent.
He’s suing for his salary and $2 Million in damages.giallo
For those not familiar with the term, Giallo is Italian for yellow, and it refers to a popular genre of crime thrillers that often feature elements of horror, torture and some sexual content, often all mixed together.
The covers of the best known publications all featured a trademark yellow cover scheme, originally called The Yellow Library ( I Libri Gialli) by Italian publisher Arnoldo Mondadori Editore.
Many of these were translations of American pulp thrillers and murder mysteries, though British writer Edgar Wallace, whose novels’  film adaptions launched the German “Krimi” genre was also featured. Even sedate authors such as Agatha Christie and Earl Stanely Gardner  (Perry Mason) were published in the yellow paperbacks.

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