Speilberg's 'Terra Nova' for Fox Mid-season

terranova_LogoThe Hollywood Reporter reveals that Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur show TERRA NOVA won’t be on FOX’s Fall schedule, but will instead have a mid-season premiere.
Rather than being set on another planet, as one might expect from the title, TERRA NOVA will be about “a family from 100 years in the future that travels 150 million years back in time to prehistoric Earth.”

Writer-producers from ’24’, including Brannon Braga (various Next Gen TREKS) and David Fury (LOST) were specifically asked for by Spielburg, accoring to Fox Network executives.
“Terra Nova” will have an “enormous production commitment,” promised Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly is quoted as saying the series will consist mainly of “stand-alone stories”, rather than a serial arc.
No casting was announced, though previous news items claimed that Kyle Chandler (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) and film star Kevin Bacon (THE HOLLOW MAN) passed on playing the lead.
Sounds a bit like “LOST IN SPACE meets JURRASIC PARK”. Time will tell.

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