So Much For a "Final Destination"

Shantel Vananten as Lori in “The Final Destination
Shantel Vananten as Lori in “The Final Destination

That’s right folks, following the box office success of Warner Bros.’ THE FINAL DESTINATION (released last year in 3D) the studio has decided to back yet another sequel to the franchise. has revealed that while at ShoWest in Las Vegas Warner Bros. confirmed that a fifth sequel will be coming to cinema screens soon. THE FINAL DESTINATION managed to gross only $66 million domestically but made $180 million worldwide so another sequel should come as no surprise.
The first film in the series was a unique, creative and fun slasher-movie-with-a-twist but they seem to be getting worse with every sequel. Do we really need another FINAL DESTINATION movie? Besides, what are they even going to call the thing?

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  1. So it turns out that THE FINAL DESTINATION was not so final after all. More like the “Penultimate Destination.” Or maybe “Yet Another Stop on the Way to a Destination That Will Finally be Final When We Reach the Finale.”
    I guess we can’t blame WB for continuing with a profitable series, but isn’t this the worst kind of franchise? It’s the same premise, over and over again, which means that the films are less sequels than remakes, which resist advancing the basic premise in favor of simply thinking up new “accidents” to kill off a different cast of characters every few years.

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