Shiloh Fernandez to Save Red Riding Hood

Actor Shiloh Fernandez
Actor Shiloh Fernandez

Warner Bros. are currently working on a gothic horror re-imagining of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Shiloh Fernandez (DEADGIRL, RED) has just nabbed the lead role. The young  actor has been cast as Peter, an orphaned woodcutter who acts as Red Riding Hood’s love interest in the up-coming film.

Fernandez is just one of the many youth-centric casting decisions Hollywood has made recently (the SPIDER-MAN reboot, for example) but has been asking for a break into the big time since he auditioned for the lead roles in both TWILIGHT and SPEED RACER. The film is to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT, THIRTEEN) and is entitled GIRL WITH THE RED RIDING HOOD. The story will focus on Red Riding Hood’s medieval village being terrorised by the infamous werewolf of the age-old fairytale with Amanda Seyfried starring in the titular lead role.
Hardwicke is planning to shoot the film in Vancouver later this spring.

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