Sense of Wonder: More Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror available on Video on Demand

We have just added several categories to the Video on Demand section of Cinefantastique Online. Clicking on Videon on Demand takes you to the first page of the section, which features an widget highlighting the latest, popular science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles available to rent or own via download. The currently featured item is the unrated version of CAPRICA, which you can view in HD for $19.99; an SD version is also available for five dollars less.
Below the Amazon widget is a miscellaneous list of movies and television shows, with a Search function (which is different from the website’s overall Search function) that will help you find specific titles.
If you are not looking for something specific but would simply like to browse for your favorite horror movies, fantasy films, and science fiction cinema, you can click on several categories:

Technically, all of this is available through the Cinefantastique Online Store, which is powered by This can cause some confusion, because the store has its own navigation links, seen on the right side of the page, where the right-hand widget bar is normally located.
Consequently, once you are on the Video on Demand page, you do not necessarily have to use the category links that appear when you roll the cursor over the Video on Demand navigation button at the top of the page; you can simply use the store’s navigation links on the right. This is a bit redundant, but it gives visitors options; hopefully, everyone can decide which navigation method works best for him or her.
To add to the confusion, many of the categories have sub-categories, and some of those sub-categories are redundant. For example, under the Animation category, you can find a sub-category for Science Fiction; under the Science Fiction category, you can find a sub-category for Animation. Again, hopefully this provides options so that you can browse easily without having to worry that what you are seeking is tucked away in only one place that you may or may not be able to find.
Because of the way the Amazon Video on Demand service works, you cannot make your purchase directly from the Cinefantastique Online Store. Instead, when you have found a title you would like to rent or purchase, you click a link which takes you to the Amazon Video on Demand player, where you can complete the transaction.

Roku Digital Video Player and Remote Control

While I’m at it, I’ll take a moment here to plug to Roku digital video player box, of which I am a proud owner. With this box attached to your television, you can watch your Amazon VOD films and shows directly on your high-def widescreen television, instead of on your computer monitor. It’s only a hundred bucks (110 with the high-def cable connector), and it’s very easy to install. Best of all, it’s wireless, so you don’t have to worry about running a cable to link it to your high-speed Internet connection. You can purchase one in the store of our sister website, Hollywood Gothique.

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