Roger Corman still going strong with Dinoshark

Tied in with the premiere on SyFy of DINOSHARK last weekend, IESB has an exclusive interview with legendary producer Roger Corman (PIRANHA, DEATH RACE 2000). Corman’s career ranges from classics to cult to shlock. Decades ago, he provided endless fodder for drive-in theatres; with the home video era having decimated the drive-ins, one would wonder whether he could adapt to the new millennium. It turns out he’s right at home supplying modestly budgeted monster movies for SyFy on a regular basis:

IESB: How did Dinoshark come to be? Was it your idea, or did SyFy approach you about it?
Roger: It started a few years ago. I made a pictured called Dinocroc and I sold it to the SyFy Channel, and it got the highest rating of the year. So, needless to say, they wanted to have another one. I was having lunch with their executives in New York and they said, “We’d like to have another Dinocroc,” and I said, “Certainly, we’ll do Dinocroc 2.” And then, they said, “No. We find that if we put the number 2 on a picture, it gets a lower rating. What works for us is to have a similar title.” So, I said, “Did I say Dinocroc 2? Of course, I meant Supergator.” And they said, “Right, we’ll make Supergator.” Now, Supergator got another very high ratings, so this time they came up with the title Dinoshark, which is an obvious continuation of the Dinocroc title. The first two were my concepts, and this one was my concept for the story, but it was their title.

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