Possession (1980) – watch free

Some films are too weird to satisfy yet too fascinating to dismiss. Take, for instance, POSSESSION (1980), the uber-strange film from Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, which stars Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill as a married couple undergoing some kind of breakdown. Conventional melodrama, right? No. The marital discord manifests in bizarre and frightening ways, as when the Adjani character gives birth to some kind of monster in a subway, which later grows up to become tentacled creature (courtesy of ALIEN’s Carlo Rambaldi) that engages in an incestuous relationship with its mother. Also, there are younger, fresher-looking duplicates (clones? aliens?) of the couple, who maybe represents a rebirth or maybe some new form of life replacing humanity.
However you add it up, it’s like nothing else you’ve seen. Neill himself was quite fond of it, when I brought up the title during an interview on the set of MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN. He took the bizarre and occasionally incomprehensible imagery to be externalizations of the couple’s tormented psyches, which is as good an explanation as any.
Note: Despite its Polish origin, the film was shot in English. The YouTube version includes Spanish subtitles.
The film never got a U.S. release. It has shown up on video here and there, not necessarily fully intact. Now you can see the complete film for free, courtesy of YouTube.

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