Paramount Options 'Last Man Standing'

LMSGABRIEL_2According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount Pictures has obtained the screen rights to Heavy Metal’s coffe table book Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter.
Scott Aversano (THE LAST AIRBENDER), will be the producer along with Last Man Standing creator Daniel LuVisi. Peter Levin (OVERKILL: The Aileen Wuornos Story), Russell Binder and Stephan Lokotsch (THE HOOK ARMED MAN) are attached as  executive producers.
 From the LMS website, in lead character’s “Gabriel’s words:

“I used to work for a company called ARMTECH or A.W.O. (Armtech Weapons Organization). It’s basically a ‘big brother’ type of company that focuses on keeping our country, that being Amerika, safe. Or under their thumb some might say. They began as a company based on morals and ethics. Citizens of Amerika came first on their list of protection. They solved our problems and fought one hell of a fight if anyone threatened them. They were the side you wanted to be on, and once you vowed your loyalty you weren’t going anywhere. I worked for them because I was made by them. I was created to be the world’s first “superhero” or what ARMTECH calls, a PALADIN, a soldier with the talent of 500 soldiers.
Before you start getting excited, I can’t fly. I don’t have x-ray vision or claws and I wasn’t bitten by any insects. I can’t regenerate and as much as I’d love to be, I’m not a multi-billionaire with a fascination for winged mammals. What I can do is kick ass and take a whole lot of ass kicking. I was created to be a walking army, a bruiser. When our boys in the forces were too afraid to go into the most dangerous of war-zones, they’d call me in to patch things up.
There used to be a lot of us, but now I’m the last one surviving. I’m still human, at least I think I am.”

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