New Stills from Resident Evil: Afterlife

Thanks to MySpace for this one, as five new stills from the latest RESIDENT EVIL film, AFERLIFE, have appeared online. RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is once again being directed by series veteran WS Anderson (EVENT HORIZON, AVP) and is being shot, no surprises here, in 3D.
From the images below it looks like business as usual for Milla Jovovich’s Alice as she runs around looking hot and shooting assorted zombies. One particularly interesting image, however, shows us a first glimpse of the “The Executioner” character from the video game entry, RESIDENT EVIL 5. Also along for the ride are Wentworth Miller (PRISON BREAK) playing legendary video game character Chris Redfield, and Shawn Roberts taking on the role of arch nemesis Albert Wesker.
None of the RESIDENT EVIL films have been particularly impressive thus far and based on these stills, AFTERLIFE looks no different. We’ll get a better look at the film this Sunday, when the first trailer is set to arrive. RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is set for release on September 10th later this year.

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