New Smallville Season 10 Teaser

Here’s a new teaser promo for the final season of the CW’s SMALLVILLE.
It features clips from many previous seasons, concentrating both on Clark Kent’s romantic life and his path towards becoming a superhero, including a few scenes from the new season, and most notably,  a shot of Superman’s costume in the Fortress of Solitude.
The teaser is set to a version of the well-know song “Nature Boy”  by Eden Ahbez, which was a major hit for Nat King Cole, and also served as theme for the fantasy film THE BOY WITH GREEN HAIR (1948).
SMALLVILLE Season 10 premieres Friday, Spetemeber 24th at 8:00 pm/7 Central on the CW Network with the episode “Lazarus”.
Note: The Superman costume seen in the teaser is one originally made for SUPERMAN RETURNS.

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